Retirement of Rebecca Balentine, GCO Associate Director and Promotion of Amanda Amescua, GCO Assistant Director Announced

Rebecca Balentine and Her Team

Rebecca Balentine and Her Team
(from left to right Mary Mbabazi, Amanda Amescua, Rebecca Balentine, Olga Carr, Michelle Yoon, Edwin Berrios)

We are both saddened and delighted (for her!) to announce the retirement of Rebecca Balentine from the position of Associate Director, Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) effective Friday, April 28, 2017. She has  been an outstanding member of the GCO family, and her three year term at Mount Sinai has been a wonderful capstone to an exciting 35-year career in research administration! Her hard work, dedication, and sense of humor have been central to the success of her team, and she will be greatly missed. Please join the GCO in thanking Rebecca for her valuable years of service and wishing her well in her future travels!

While we are sad to see Rebecca go, we are also pleased to announce Amanda Amescua will be taking over her role as Assistant Director, effective May 1, 2017.  Amanda Amescua has received a well-deserved promotion from GCO Senior Grants Specialist to Assistant Director.  Amanda has approximately 10 years of experience in sponsored project administration including positions at Columbia University Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center, and the University of Texas at Austin.  We are confident that Amanda will make a fine edition to the leadership team.  Please join us in congratulating Amanda in her new role.

Reminders for Upcoming May 25 Competitive NIH Grant Application Deadline and Beyond

The Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) offers the following reminders about guidelines, updates, and policies pertaining to National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants and their administration.

Option to Report Preprints and Other Interim Research Products Effective 5/25/17 (NOT-OD-17-050)
(excerpted from NIH Notice)
Interim Research Products are complete, public research products that are not final.  A common form is the preprint, which is a complete and public draft of a scientific document. Preprints are typically unreviewed manuscripts written in the style of a peer-reviewed journal article. Scientists issue preprints to speed dissemination, establish priority, obtain feedback, and offset publication bias. Another common type of interim product is a preregistered protocol, where a scientist publicly declares key elements of their research protocol in advance. Preregistration can help scientists enhance the rigor of their work.

For applications submitted for the May 25, 2017 due date and thereafter, awardees can claim these products on their progress report publication list.  They can also report them on their RPPR as of May 25, 2017, and link them to their award in their My Bibliography account.

For complete information, please read NOT-OD-17-050.

Appendix Policy Change for NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Applications Submitted for Due Dates On or After 1/25/17 (NOT-OD-17-035)

Updated Font Guidelines for Applications to Due Dates On or After 1/25/17 (NOT-OD-17-030)

Coming Down the Pike – Form Changes Affecting 1/25/18 Competitive Grant Applications and Beyond (NOT-OD-17-062)
The  NIH is announcing application form changes planned for competitive applications due 1/25/18 and beyond. The form changes center on consolidating human subject and clinical trial information.   Please read NOT-OD-17-062 for more information about the move form the current FORMS-D to a FORMS-E version.

Please contact Allison Gottlieb, Director, Sponsored Programs Education, GCO, if you have any questions or need additional information.