New Email Management System: Research Listserv!

On Wednesday, March 1st, the Office of Research Services and the Research Information Technology Department announced the launch of the new Research Listserv for research related mailings throughout the Mount Sinai Health System.

The Research Listserv is a single source of dissemination of research related information to the Mount Sinai Health System. It will replace the current communication process of distribution through 3 separate, and sometimes redundant, lists:

  • CRC List (
  • Research Faculty (
  • Research Resources (

These 3 email addresses have now been retired, and all research-related mass emails are sent from “”

Q: How do you subscribe to ensure that you continue to receive research mailings?
You can go to the “Getting Started” page on the Research Portal and enter your email address into the Research Listserv box, where you can edit your account at any time (within the MSHS firewall).
A: Please note:
You might have already been subscribed because:

  • You were already subscribed to any or all of these 3 lists: CRC List, Research Faculty and Research Resources and more recently to the Ideate listserv, and you were automatically migrated to the new Research Listserv.
  • If you were not subscribed to one of the above 3 listservs, you may have been added to the new Research Listserv by your Department Administrator because you were identified as research personnel.

Q: What if I need to add new subscribers?
If you want to let someone know how to subscribe themselves, direct them to the “Getting Started” page on the Research Portal. Find the Research Listserv box and enter their email address. They will receive a confirmation email.

Q: What is different?
The Research Listserv provides:

  1. Management of email preferences. You can now choose the research topics that are relevant to your research focus and opt-out of topics that are not relevant to you.
  2. Elimination of duplicate emails – NOTE: For those of you who have, & addresses, if you enter more than one email address, you will continue to receive duplicate emails. If you notice that you are receiving duplicate identical emails, it is most likely because you have two different email addresses in the system. Please email, and we will work with you to manage your preferences.
  3. Mandatory emails:  regardless of your email preferences, vital research related emails from MSHS leadership will reach the entire subscribed population.

What you should do:
Review your current email preferences and finalize your selections by entering your email address in the box under “Research Listserv” on the “Getting Started” page of the Research Portal. You can return to this portal at any time to edit your subscriptions as long as you are within the institutional firewall.

Please note that this new system is no longer categorized by group i.e., CRCs, Research Faculty, but rather by topic. For example, if you are a clinical research coordinator (CRC), you will need to select topics in the “Grants Submission & Management” category on the subscription page to receive messages from the Grants and Contracts Office.

Please feel free to contact the Research Listserv team at, if you have any questions or other feedback.


The Biostatistics Summer Program for Clinical Research 2017 Announced

The third annual Biostatistics Summer Program is taking place at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai the week of June 26th – click here to sign up today!

The Biostatistics Summer Program for Clinical Research is an educational initiative sponsored by the Center for Biostatistics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) in New York City. The mission of the Biostatistics Summer Program is to increase the research capacity of clinical investigators, fellows, residents, postdocs, and public health professionals by providing application-driven instruction in biostatistics and statistical programming. Participants in the week-long Summer Program will gain a strong foundation in a host of statistical topics, through rigorous, theory-based lectures and hands-on statistical programming in SAS and R.

 Topics include:

  • Probability and Statistical Inference
  • Essential Elements of Study Design including Sample Size/Power Calculations
  • Hypothesis Testing for Continuous and Categorical Data
  • Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Simple and Multiple Logistic Regression

Participants will receive a total of 35 hours of intensive, in-person theory and SAS and R-related instruction, by faculty and Masters-level statisticians at the Center for Biostatistics at ISMMS.

 The 2017 Biostatistics Summer Program will meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm from June 26th to June 30th. Each day the program will consist of three components:

  1. From 9:00am-12:30pm, participants will gain a solid theoretical foundation in statistical methodology through extensive application-driven lectures by our Center for Biostatistics at ISMMS renowned faculty, including Dr. Emilia Bagiella and Dr. Emma Benn.
  2. From 1:30pm-2:30pm, participants will take part in a collaborative review session aimed at reinforcing essential concepts introduced during the morning lectures.
  3. From 2:30pm-5:00pm, participants will engage in interactive, hands-on, programming sessions in their preferred statistical software, R or SAS.

For those interested in learning how to program in R, please note that you will be expected to bring your own laptop with R and R Studio installed. For those interested in learning how to program in SAS, please note that there will be a maximum of 35 computers with SAS installed in the Levy Library classroom, so you will not need your laptops.

To register for the 2017 Biostatistics Summer Program for Clinical Research and to pay the nonrefundable registration fee of $2,400, go to:

New GCO Staff Members and Promotion Announced

The Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) is pleased to announce their newest staff members and a promotion as well.

IMG-20170221-WA0003-0Edwin Berrios and IMG_6274-0Jahaira Ramirez join the GCO team as Grants Coordinators.  Edwin comes with experience as an insurance assistant and Jahaira as a medical office assistant. Their responsibilities include processing the intake of InfoEd applications and Sinai Central forms.

20170221_092507Althea Fenton-Humphries joins the GCO as a Senior Grant Specialist with over 17 years of pre and post research and grant stewardship experience from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Research Foundation of CUNY.

Hashley-HeriveauxHashley Heriveaux was hired as a Grants Coordinator and has been promoted to Grants Specialist I.   Grants Specialist responsibilities include reviewing projects for accurate administrative and budgetary information and compliance with extramural and institutional regulations. For a listing of GCO contacts and designated departments, please click here.

Please join the GCO in welcoming their new staff.


Updated Financial Administration of Clinical Trials Services (FACTS) Website Coming Soon and Other Announcements

Please stay tuned for a new reorganized Financial Administration of Clinical Trials Services (FACTS)  website that will provide a more comprehensive and transparent approach to navigating the contract life cycle through Meditract. Meditract, which was launched last year, offers users the ability to track the status of their agreements in real time.

Reflected in this new website is the fact that the FACTs team has grown. Their addition of new Senior Contracts Specialist allows for more efficient and expedient contract management and thus an improvement on turnaround time.

In addition, a new fee schedule for FACTS services was announced on March 3, 2017 and will be implemented starting April 1, 2017.


Department of Corporate and Foundation Relations Announces Funding Opportunities

The Department of Corporate and Foundation Relations of the Mount Sinai Development Office provides this curated list of funding opportunities to find faculty who may be interested and to provide assistance with the application process. Please see below for some of their upcoming deadlines, and contact them at, if you would like to find out more.

Melanoma Research Foundation:
The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is committed to advancing research across the spectrum of melanoma – from prevention through diagnosis, staging and treatment. The MRF proactively partners with the NCI, Congress, the Department of Defense and other foundations to develop and collaborate on a broad agenda for melanoma research that takes full advantage of all opportunities, while also sharing challenges. Since 1998, the MRF has funded over 130 innovative, high impact, basic, translational and clinical research projects. Further, in 2016, the MRF awarded over $1.2 million dollars in new melanoma research.

  • Established Investigator Awards: up to $100K/year for two years
  • Career Development Awards: up to $50K/year for two years
  • The deadline for applications is March 1, 2017 at 5 pm ET.
  • Please see website for additional details and eligibility information.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine:
The primary purpose of the ASRM and SREI Research Grant Programs is to provide funds for new investigators to establish independent research programs. New investigators are those who have completed their training within the past three years and have independent faculty appointments at the commencement of the research. In special cases applications for bridge funding (i.e., between grant funding periods) for projects that are of benefit to other members of the Society, or for funding of new, highly innovative research projects by established investigators will be considered.

  • Grants in amounts of $10K to $50K will be considered on an annual basis; a total of $200K is available for 2017. The SREI Board will fund one grant of up to $40K.
  • Funds are available for project expenses, technical assistance, patient expenses, research supplies and durable laboratory equipment.
  • Up to ten percent (10%) of funds may be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead in circumstances deemed to be rare and extraordinary that are explained to the Research Committee.
  • Research grant funds may be expended over a 2-year time interval.
  • Please see website for eligibility information.

Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program:
The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, formerly known as the Minority Medical Faculty Development Program, was created to increase the number of faculty from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who can achieve senior rank in academic medicine, dentistry, or nursing and who will encourage and foster the development of succeeding classes of such physicians, dentists, and nurse-scientists.

  • The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program supports basic/biomedical, clinical, dental, nursing, and health services/epidemiology research.  The purpose of the AMFDP award is to facilitate the transition of the newly-trained clinician who wishes to develop into an independent investigator.
  • The Award includes an annual $75K stipend + $30K for research support/year, for four years (up to $420K total).
  • The deadline for submission is March 15, 2017, 3pm EST for the online portion and March 16, 2017 for the postmark of the hard copy.


The STTEP-UP Initiative in Science and Medicine – Apply by March 31

The STTEP-UP Initiative in Science and Medicine, an NCATS funded training program, is delighted to announce the solicitation of applications from highly motivated URM trainees in residency, subspecialty fellowship training or postdoctoral laboratory positions within our health care system, for the academic year starting July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. This award provides salary support and tuition dollars for four postdoctoral trainees.

Application deadline: March 31, 2017.

Please visit our article in the previous issue of Research Digest for application details or contact Christine Acevedo ( at 212-824-7014.