Incorporate BioMe™ Biobank into Your Research Project

Because Your History is Our Future™

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Since September 2007, 35,000 Mount Sinai Medical Center patients have available samples in the Electronic Medical Record-linked BioMe™ Biobank developed at the Institute for Personalized Medicine (IPM). BioMe is designed to generate a large collection of DNA and plasma samples, as well as genomic data and phenotype/family history/lifestyle data that are stored in a way that protects patients’ privacy while enabling IRB-approved research to be performed on such specimens linked to de-identified comprehensive electronic clinical information extracted from the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse. To discover better treatments, researchers are seeking to unravel the complexity of disease at the most basic level through “molecular” studies. The donation of samples from many thousands of individuals is essential to such studies. BioMe is dedicated to advancing the application of human blood-derived biospecimen and clinical data to life science research to accelerate the development of personalized healthcare and medical solutions.

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