95-100% Funding Success Rate for Diversity Supplements

Did you know that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers Administrative Supplements to Enhance Diversity, a.k.a. “Diversity Supplements,” which are available for most NIH funded grants with at least two years remaining on their parent grant? These supplements offer the full direct cost rate of 69.5%, if on campus. Interested?

1. You may be eligible, if you are

  • A financially disadvantaged high school or undergraduate student,
  • Someone with disabilities, or
  • Someone who belongs to one or more racial or ethnic minority groups.

2. Applicants may be

  • Junior faculty,
  • Graduate students,
  • Post-docs,
  • Medical students taking off from medical school for a “research year,” or
  • High school or college students seeking research experience.

3. Applicants may not be currently supported by the NIH.

The ISMMS currently has 14 funded diversity supplements. However, a recent institutional review indicates that around 70 NIH funded grants qualify for “diversity supplements.” At a greater than 90% funding success rate that means we are essentially “leaving money on the table!”

Support is Available
The Diversity in Biomedical Research Council (DBRC) and the Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) have developed a website http://icahn.mssm.edu/about-us/diversity/diversity-in-biomedical-research-council/diversity-supplements-and-faqs to assist researchers in applying for supplements, which includes templates from successful grants, contact information for current grant awardees, and frequently asked questions (FAQ), all focused on making the application process simpler.

If you know of a promising individual that could qualify for one of these supplements, which include support for compensation and supplies, we encourage you to seek out this funding.

If you have specific questions about applying for a “Diversity Supplement” please contact Elizabeth Urbanski of the Dean’s Office at elizabeth.urbanski@mssm.edu or Allison Gottlieb of the GCO at allison.gottlieb@mssm.edu.