New GCO Guidance for Budgeting Students and Post Grads on NIH Research Funding

The GCO recently released “Budgeting Students and Post Graduates on Federal Research, Fellowship, and Training Grants,” a new publication that includes administrative information, such as descriptions of students and post graduates (e.g., postdocs, residents) and the types of grants they may participate in, and helpful InfoEd application submission information. One early user commented, “This is great information! Thanks for putting it together as a single document.” With such a rave review, anyone who is budgeting for these important members of our research community should check it out now by clicking here!


New Year, New (NIH) Forms, New (NIH) Policies

blooms2If you have been reading your e-mails from the GCO, you will have seen the NIH eSubmission article entitled “New Year, New Forms, New Policies” with this pretty picture of delicate yet hardy flowers blooming in the midst of a winter frost.  NIH/AHRQ changes can be broken down into the following “blossoms.”  OK, that’s a stretch of poetic license.  We’ll just call them “groups.”

  • Changes to Competitive Applications for due dates on/after 1/25/16 through 5/24/16
  • Changes to Training Grants beginning with RPPRs 12/1/15
  • Changes to Competitive Applications for Due Dates on/after 5/25/16

The NIH and AHRQ have been announcing many new forms and policies and a good way to find out about the details is to read those GCO communications.  If you’ve missed GCO’s trilogy, back copies are available upon request by e-mailing  If you prefer reading direct from the source over GCO’s Reader’s Digest version, please click on these NIH notices:  NOT-16-004; NOT-OD-16-006; NIH-OD-16-007; NIH-OD16-008; NIH-OD-16-009; NIH-OD-16-010; NIH-OD-16-011; NIH-OD-16-012.