What is the MECONIUM Study?

The MECONIUM Study aims to compare the bacterial profiles of pregnant women with and without Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and their newborn babies. The goal is to explore the role of genetic make-up, disease activity throughout pregnancy, medications and clinical features on the bacterial composition of the baby. In addition, we will assess if feeding behavior (breastfeeding versus formula) and/or antibiotic use early in life help modify the microbiome. Given that the maternal gut bacteria can be manipulated by diet, food supplementation, and other ways, our study can help identify the types of bacteria that need to be altered prior to or during pregnancy to significantly reduce the risk of IBD transmission.
Currently Enrolling: Women who have participated in the MECONIUM Study with a prior pregnancy and wish to reenroll.
Questions, or interested in participating? Please contact our research coordinators at 347-620-0210 or


Am I eligible to participate?

Women who have participated in the MECONIUM Study with a prior pregnancy and wish to reenroll.

If you have not participated in the MECONIUM Study before, but would like to participate in research, take a look at the MELODY Trial for which we are actively enrolling.

How do I participate in the study?

Contact our research coordinators at 347-620-0210  or

What if I don’t live in New York City?

You do not need to live in New York City to participate in the study!  All samples can be collected by mail, and all clinical information questionnaires can be completed over the phone by our research coordinators.

At what timepoint during my pregnancy can I enroll in the study? 

You can enroll in the study at any timepoint before or during your pregnancy.

Will I find out the results of the bacterial profile of myself or my baby?

We are not able to share the results of any individuals’s bacterial profile. We are happy to share the published results of the study as soon as they are available.

Is there any cost involved in participation?

There is no cost to participate in the study. We will provide all the the tools you need to collect and ship the samples.

Is there compensation for my participation in the study?

Compensation of up to $725 is provided for participation in the study.  This amount is prorated based on the samples successfully collected, and is paid in several installments throughout the study period. An additional $25 compensation is provided for each set of samples optionally collected from any family members.

Are there any risks involved in the study?

There are no risks to stool, saliva, placenta, umbilical cord blood, vaginal swab, and breast milk collection. Your samples will be immediately de-identified, and the chance that your protected health information may be accidentally divulged to anyone other than the Principal Investigator and her delegates is very small.

Have any similar studies been performed?

Please visit the Interesting Links page to learn about similar studies that have been performed.

How can I learn more about the microbiome?

Please visit the MECONIUM Study Background page to learn more about the microbiome.

Please find more information for participants here!