Fee Schedule for Grants


To offset a portion of the investment that Sinai has made, we are requesting that researchers include funding in their grants for Scientific Computing. Please refer to the attached fee schedule which needs to be included in grants that plan to use Minerva or Scientific Computing’s resources. You will only be charged for the specific amount of resources that you use. If you require dedicated nodes or storage, we will also integrate new nodes dedicated to your research into our infrastructure. Please contact Patricia Kovatch for a letter of support or any dedicated computing resources. We greatly appreciate your assistance to make this endeavor sustainable.

Fee Schedule and Policy


  • The Principal Investigator (PI) of a Minerva project is responsible for paying for all on-line storage used by the project if it exceeds 1TiB. Charges are determined yearly by the Mount Sinai Compliance and Finance Departments and include all Minerva services, i.e., cpu and gpu utilization; the storage, itself; archive storage; etc. The current charging rate is $100/Tib/yr calculated monthly at a rate of $8.33/TiB/mo.
  • Invoices will be sent out to all PIs every six months for the preceding six months usage. PIs have one month to process the payment with Scientific Computing.
  • If payment has not been received or arrangements made after one month from the invoice date and the second invoice, all project files will be locked and all users associated with that project’s account will be disabled. The Dean for Academic Affairs, Eric Nestler, and the PI’s department chair will be copied.
  • If no arrangements for payment are made by the third notice after two months of receiving the invoice, the PI will be sent a final notice that the files will be deleted in two weeks. The Dean for Academic Affairs, Eric Nestler and the PI’s department chair will be copied.
  • If no arrangements for payment are made after the two-week final notice period, the files will be deleted and the project will be removed from Minerva.