November 7, 2020 all-day

Scheduled Maintenance

Minerva will have a Full Planned Maintenance on Nov 7th, Saturday, from 8 Am to 10 PM. During this PM, no user login will be available and no jobs will be running.
The major task for this PM is to complete the migration of Hydra files to the Arion filesystem. After this PM:
– Hydra will not be available on compute nodes.
– Hydra will only be mounted on the login nodes and it will be READONLY.
– All Hydra project data (/sc/hydra/projects/xxx) will be available on its corresponding dir at Arion (/sc/arion/projects/xxx)
User action required:

We do not migrate the work dir for users, please copy your data from /sc/hydra/work/youruserid/* to /sc/arion/work/youruserid/. 
Hydra will not be available after Nov 30th, 2020.
To assist in the conversion of LSF job scripts that will be needed after this PM, we have created a system environment variable, $GPFS,  to point to /sc/hydra before the PM and then to /sc/arion after the PM.
For job submission script, you can replace the
We will perform other firmware upgrades during this PM to cooperate with the new machine.