November 26, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
HPC Team

Scheduled Maintenance


External Users Only – Minerva login:

login: ssh userid+yldap@minerva.hpc.mssm.edu
password: Your old LDAP password and YUBIKEY button push.

Please note: Your old LDAP password is what was used for minerva2 login “ssh userid+yldap@minerva2.hpc.mssm.edu”

Your yipa suffix (ssh userid+yipa@minerva.hpc.mssm.edu) and IPA password will no longer work.  If you do not have your old LDAP password, please submit a ticket to hpchelp@hpc.mssm.edu


During this time, we will perform the following tasks:

• Switch our current account manager from freeIPA to LDAP. This will solve the permission
denied issue we have been experiencing when accessing project directories.
• Adjust our NFS setting for regen of data, in order to alleviate the I/O issue on the file system.

During this PM, the Minerva cluster will not be accessible, including queues, login nodes and file systems.