March 21, 2020 all-day
A full PM is scheduled for March 21, 2020, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


A full PM is scheduled on March 21, 2020, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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During this PM, we will put the new filesystem Arion in production and offline Orga.  No jobs will be running during the PM, and no user login or file system access is available during this PM.

Please also note the following changes to the Orga/Arion filesystems after the PM:

  • Orga will be mounted on login nodes as read-only for users to compare the files on both filesystems.
  • Orga will not be available on the compute nodes.  Therefore, any job after the PM using path /sc/orga/xxx will fail.
  • All project files on Orga will be accessible on Arion on the equivalent /sc/arion/projects/xxx path.
  • Arion work will be mounted as read-only. 
  • Orga scratch will not be migrated to Arion.
  • We plan to remove Arion/Orga scratch and work after a couple of months and users will be using Hydra work and scratch instead.

To prevent job failures for those running across the PM for your recent job submissions:

  • Please use Hydra scratch and work.
  • Please use system variable $GPFS for your file path, i.e., use $GPFS/projects/xxx instead of /sc/orga/projects/xxx. It is pointed to /sc/orga right now, and we will change it to /sc/arion after the PM.
  • To check the content of the $GPFS: # echo $GPFS

2020/03/21 – Saturday: Update

The Planned Maintenance has finished successfully. File system Arion with a total of 9.6P usable storage space is mounted cluster-wide and contains data migrated from Orga.  Please be aware of our future action plans regarding the file system changes:

  • Orga is no longer available on compute nodes. All project files on Orga are now accessible on Arion on the equivalent /sc/arion/projects/xxx path. Please change your job submission scripts and validate your symbolic links.To find all slinks in your dir, you can use the following command:

$ find /sc/arion/dir -type l |xargs ls -l

  • Orga is mounted read-only on login nodes until April 20th.  Please compare your files between Orga and Arion and report to us if you see any un-migrated files.
  • Arion work will be retired on April 20th. Please migrate your work files to /sc/hydra/work/userid/.
  • Orga/Arion scratch is no longer available, please use Hydra scratch instead.
  • Starting 1st  June 2020, we will start to charge the storage usage based on both filesystems (Arion project + Hydra project). For users who have project dir on both Arion and Hydra, please validate your files and remove the duplicates. You can choose to use both project folders or you can choose to use the one with more data and migrate the rest. We have sufficient storage space in Arion (5P free space). Hydra storage space is limited at this point (601T free space)  but we will add more storage space into Hydra at the end of April. If you have trouble migrating files, please let us know.