LSF Queues And Policies

Minerva uses LSF (Load Sharing Facility) to schedule jobs. This section gives details of the queues and scheduling policies on Minerva.



The command to check the queues is “bqueues”.
To get more details about a specific queue, type “bqueues -l <queue name> Eg.,

bqueues -l premium

Current Minerva Queues:

Queue Description Max Walltime Defaults (Mem/core|Walltime)
premium Normal submission queue 144 hrs 3000MB | 5hrs
express Rapid turnaround jobs 12 hrs 3000MB | 1hr
interactive Jobs running in interactive mode 12 hrs 3000MB | 2hrs
long Jobs requiring extended runtime 336 hrs 3000MB | 5 hrs
gpu Jobs requiring gpu resources 144 hrs 3000MB | 5 hrs
private Jobs using dedicated resources unlimited 3000MB | 5hrs
others Any other queues are for testing by the Scientific Computing Group N/A N/A

All jobs must specify project using the -P bsub option

If -P option is not specified, job will be immediately terminated.



LSF is configured to do “first fit” backfill. Backfilling allows smaller, shorter jobs to use otherwise idle resources.

In certain special cases, the priority of a job may be manually increased upon request. To request priority change you may contact MSSM Scientific Computing Support at We will need the job ID and reason to submit the request.


Minerva Training Session

On April 8, 2022, the Scientific Computing and Data team hosted a Training Class on LSF Job Scheduler. Click here for training session powerpoint slides.

Click here to see more about Minerva Training Classes.