Home Directories

Each user is provided a home directory to store frequently used items such as source code, binaries, and scripts. Home directories are located in a Network File Service (NFS) that is accessible from Minerva as:


Each user receives a default storage limit of 20 GB in his or her home directory.  This quota will not be increased.

  • Home directories are regularly copied to tape backup.
  • Home directories are not designed for intensive I/O.

For performance-critical purposes, please use the GPFS scratch file system.


How to check your GFPS quota

To check your GPFS quotas, you can run the following script, either per user or per project is listed:

# showquota -h
usage: showquota [-h] [-u USER | -p PROJECT]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit
  -u USER, --user USER  Show quota for user in groups
  -p PROJECT, --project PROJECT
                        Show quota for a project


You can find your quota on scratch by

# showquota -p scratch

Please also understand that the quota is based on GPFS’s quota report that is queried every 15 mins and might have a fudge factor (including some -ve numbers that you should ignore for small set of files) to account for files being created or deleted.