Data Transfer


MSSM maintains high speed network connections with the commercial Internet and Internet2 through NYSERnet. MSSM currently maintains the following options for file transfer:

Globus Online:

When available, the preferred method for file transfer is Globus Online. Globus Online is an online website that helps broker data transfers between two endpoints. The Globus Online software is required, which is free. It allows you to make parallel high speed transfers that can easily will a network connection. See the website at The Minerva Endpoint is currently called “mssm#minerva”

SCP, SFTP, rsync:

The standard transfer utilities, SCP, SFTP and rsync can be used to transfer files to and from MSSM systems. These utilities are usually already installed on Linux/Unix machines, and Mac’s. There are also many command and graphical clients available. Due to familiarity and ease, these may be the best choice for transferring scripts and small files, however, these options can be slow in comparison, and may be ill suited for transferring large amounts of data, such as hundreds of TB’s. More information on these utilities can be found on the transfer utilities page.

For windows, the best application for SCP is “PSCP”. It is a command-line tool which replicates the Linux / Unix tools. It is very fast and efficient. You can acquire PSCP from
A graphical alternative for Windows and Mac is CyberDuck ( ). It is also quick, efficient, and full-featured.

Note: Ensure the Reuse password feature of CyberDuck is disabled.  CyberDuck will try to reuse your one-use six-digit VIP token code repeatedly until you get locked out!

Physical Transport:

We do support the copying of physical hard drives on the behalf of users. If you need files transferred this way, please provide us with drive to copy to / from and make a ticket with your request. Copies take several days. This service is done as a courtesy and is a best-effort service for bulk data transfer.

Unsupported Methods:

Minerva currently does not support FTP or BBCP. Please one of the above methods.