Alex Rialdi

Alex has been living in New York for 11 years. Before arriving in the Marazzi Lab, he completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture at NYU. The interrelation between architectural constructs and biological phenomena has always been a point of interest for Alex. After NYU, Alex pursued an MPH degree with a focus on statistical modeling (mostly as it pertains to genetic epidemiology). His research focuses/interests involve the chromatin-mediated control of gene expression within the context of cellular infection, as well as discovering novel connections between the antiviral state and inherited disease.

Outside of the lab, Alex enjoys cooking, collecting wine, listening to house records, playing soccer, and spending time with his dog & wife. The late author Georges Perec, along with the contemporary architect Renzo Piano, intellectually inspire Alex. He leads his life with one quote in mind: “They lived and laughed and loved and left.” – James Joyce