The Matilde Inglese Laboratory focuses on understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms leading to disease onset and progression in patients with multiple sclerosis. Our research team uses multi-modal neuroimaging approach at high- and ultra-high field MRI, behavioral testing, gene expression, and electrophysiology to study central mechanisms of motor and cognitive impairment and to identify markers of underlying functional and structural brain repair and response to treatments.

We also investigateĀ correlates of inflammatory/demyelination and neurodegeneration in other disease models such as mild traumatic brain injury, migraine, and Parkinson’s disease. Read more.

Meet the Principal Investigator

Matilde Inglese, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Neurology, Radiology, and Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


Head of Laboratory
Matilde Inglese, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology, Radiology, and Neuroscience
Tel: 212-824-9310
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Mailing Address
One Gustave L. Levy Place
Department of Neurology
Box 1137
New York, NY 10029

Laboratory Location
Hess Building for Science and Medicine
1470 Madison Avenue
10th Floor, Room 109
New York, NY 10029