Romel Rosales Ramírez, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow







Research Interests

My research interest in virology started with the numerous of mechanisms for exploiting normal host cell functions. This viral manipulation is associated with damage to the host cell which may be one of the major factors in the pathology and disease caused by viruses. I am interested in implementing research experiments based on virus-host interactions in influenza and dengue virus, to identify host factors that could regulate viral infection in susceptible cells.

In the present year, the appearance of new respiratory viruses as SARS-Cov2 has impacted radically the human world population. The interactions of the SARS-Cov2 viral proteins with cellular proteins are increasingly interesting to discover from new antivirals to understanding how this virus produces the pathogenesis in the COVID19 disease.


Notable Publications

Rosales Ramirez R, Ludert JE. 2019. The Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 1 (NS1) Is Secreted from Mosquito Cells in Association with the Intracellular Cholesterol Transporter Chaperone Caveolin Complex. J Virol 93.

Dionicio CL, Peña F, Constantino-Jonapa LA, Vazquez C, Yocupicio-Monroy M, Rosales R, Zambrano JL, Ruiz MC, del Angel RM, Ludert JE. 2018. Dengue virus induced changes in Ca+2 homeostasis in human hepatic cells that favor the viral replicative cycle. Virus Res 245:17–28.

Silva-Iturriza A, Nassar JM, García-Rawlins AM, Rosales R, Mijares A. 2013. Trypanosoma evansi kDNA minicircle found in the Venezuelan nectar-feeding bat Leptonycteris curasoae (Glossophaginae), supports the hypothesis of multiple origins of that parasite in South America. Parasitol Int 62.

Rosales R, Rangel-Rivas A, Escalona A, Jordan LS, Gonzatti MI, Aso PM, Perrone T, Silva-Iturriza A, Mijares A. 2013. Detection of Theileria equi and Babesia caballi infections in Venezuelan horses using Competitive-Inhibition ELISA and PCR. Vet Parasitol 196.

Mijares A, Rosales R, Silva-Iturriza A. 2012. Hemosporidian parasites in forest birds from Venezuela: Genetic lineage analyses. Avian Dis 56.