The Seaver Autism Center offers comprehensive assessment and care for people with developmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorderĀ and associated conditions. Our multisciplinary team of experts uses genetics, molecular biology, model systems, neuroimaging, and experimental therapeutics to treat each patient. We also provide opportunities to participate in an integrated series of research studies aimed at understanding the causes of developmental disorders and developing treatments.

Our Center uses state-of-the-art molecular genetic approaches to identify additional genetic causes of autism, making use of detailed behavioral and medical assessments provided by the Autism Assessment Program. We areĀ a preeminent site for functional genetics linking genetic causes for autism and related conditions to underlying changes in brain function. These approaches are leading to new interventions in autism and related conditions.

Because identifying causal variants in autism immediately leads to animal models and new conceptualization of causes of autism and related conditions, we are expanding our animal and molecular neurobiological studies of genes in autism. Researchers at our Center are characterizing mouse and rat models with mutations in several autism spectrum disorder (ASD) risk genes, including SHANK3, FMR1, MECP2, and CYFIP1. In addition, we are developing the use of stem cells in autism research.

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