SCI Family and Friends Support Group

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our Support Group schedules may have changed. Please Visit this link for updates

The SCI Family and Friends Support group is a weekly support group conducted on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Mount Sinai. It is co-led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Outreach Peer Coordinator. Family and friends from both the inpatient and outpatient community are invited to attend. This is an open group, meaning there is no fixed start or stop date for participants. The focus of the group is to provide support and education to individuals whose loved one has a spinal cord injury. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns in regards to their loved one’s injury. The group is unique in its approach as its participants not only have access to the above mentioned co-facilitators, but also to a mentor who has also navigated this situation in the past. Mentors offer a unique and meaningful perspective as they have also experienced this with a loved one and have successfully transitioned home.

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