Pain Module

The Pain Module is part of the Mount Sinai Spinal Cord Injury Model System .The purpose of this module is to characterize the type of pain in individuals with SCI, its location in the body, its intensity, and its interference with mood, sleep, work and daily function using the ISCIPBDS2, as well as assess the pain treatment(s) used by individuals with pain and SCI .

 Our Specific Aims are: 1) to use the ISCIBPDS2 to assess the impact of NeuP and nociceptive pain on mood, sleep, work and daily function in persons with chronic SCI; 2) to assess the treatment(s) used successfully and unsuccessfully for NeuP and nociceptive pain in those with chronic SCI; and 3) to provide guidelines for addition of new pain variables into the National SCI Database and to develop an educational product for consumers and clinicians on best practice for pain management.