Equity and Quality in Assistive Technology Module

The Equity and Quality in Assistive Technology Module is part of the Mount Sinai Spinal Cord Injury Model System but participants
this research study and can participate in this specific module even if they DO NOT qualify for the MAIN STUDY.

In this module study, we will ask about multiple categories of the types, means, costs associated with repairs to your wheelchair, the topics of interest include: wheels and casters, wheelchair frame, user interfaces, seating system, peripheral items, electrical system and power and control system, worn out tire, loose wheels/casters, loose positioning support (foot supports, leg supports, arm supports, head supports, lateral supports, and/or trunk supports), broken seating component, and battery not holding a charge to name a few. There will also be questions about average usage (hours) on a typical weekday and weekend both inside and outside of the home, as well how often one’s wheelchair is exposed to rain or snow.

If are interested in participating, contact Arianny Ramirez at arianny.ramirez@mountsinai.org, Kristell Taylor at kristell.taylor@mountsinai.org or Andrew Delgado at  andrew.delgado@mountsinai.org for more information.