Postdoctoral Fellows


Elena Grossi, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow

The SWI/SNF complexes are multimeric chromatin remodelers with a recognized role in controlling chromatin architecture and gene expression. Mutations in SWI/SNF are considered cancer ‘drivers’ in melanoma; yet, it remains unclear how these mutations contribute to tumor initiation. To dissect this biology, Elena is using genome editing approaches to model SWI/SNF mutations in melanoma. She is investigating the molecular basis of SWI/SNF epigenetic functions in order to link their mechanisms of action to their pathological dysfunction.

Funding Sources:
Research Grant, American Italian Cancer Foundation, Elena Grossi (PI), past
Research Grant, National Cancer Center, Elena Grossi (PI)

Sina Jostes, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow

The  histone variant H2A.Z is an important driver of malignant melanoma. Because histone chaperones are essential for H2A.Z deposition into chromatin, Sina is currently investigating whether such chaperone proteins may serve as suitable drug targets for melanoma therapy. Additionally, Sina is analysing the role of the zinc finger transcription factors in driving melanoma growth, with a focus on the associated transcriptional and epigenetic signatures in this cancer type.

Funding Sources:
Research Grant, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Sina Jostes (PI)