Graduate Students

Anisha Cooke, Graduate Student

ATRX In Frame Fusions are common structural modifications in indolent Neuroblastoma. Previous work from the lab has shown that these fusion proteins exist in distinct protein complexes and localize to different regions of chromatin compared to the wild-type ATRX protein. Anisha is working on identifying novel interactors that associate with the IFFs using mass spectrometry approaches to elucidate the mechanisms by which ATRX IFF’s genomically redistribute from regions marked by H3K9me3 to the promoter regions of active genes. She is also interested in identifying novel therapeutic approaches for these patients.

Christie Nguyen, Graduate Student

Christie is studying the role of the transcription factor REST in the context of melanoma development with a focus on its role in melanoma metastasis. To understand REST’s function in melanoma, she will investigate the consequences of its up-regulation on transcription and the epigenomic landscape.

Funding Sources: NIH/NCI Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA for Individual Predoctoral MD/PhD Degree Fellows (F30), Christie Nguyen (PI)