Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows and Instructors



Alexandre Gaspar-Maia, PhD

Alex is now here:

Assistant Professor  |  Laboratory of Functional Epigenomics
Mayo Clinic
Stabile 12-14
200 First Street SW
Rochester MN 55905  |  (507) 293-2464


Chiara Vardabasso, PhD

Chiara is now here:

Senior Scientist
Gotham Therapeutics
Alexandria Center for Life Science, East Tower
430East 29th Street Suite 1435E
New York, NY 10016


Thomas Strub, PhD

Thomas is now here:

Senior PostDoc
INSERM U1065 equipe 1
Centre Méditerranéen de Médecine Moléculaire Batiment Archimed
151 route Saint-Antoine de Ginestière
06204 Nice cedex 3
Tel: +33 (0) 4 89 06 43 33


April Cook, PhD

April is now here:

Manager, Research
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)
383 Main Ave 5th Floor
Norwalk CT 06851


Flávia Ghiraldini, PhD

Flávia is now here:

Cell Biologist
Protara Therapeutics, Inc.
345 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

School of Medicine Students


Joanna Dong

Joanna’s work focused on elucidating the H2A.Z-mediated regulation and pathogenesis of melanoma. H2A.Z is a histone variant with many interactors, including histone chaperone complexes and transcriptional regulators, with translational potential in melanoma pharmacotherapeutic development. She used loss-of-function screens and co-immunoprecipitation studies to establish the functional roles of these H2A.Z interactors in melanoma cells.

Joanna was supported by: HHMI Medical Research Fellows Award (2016-2017)

Graduate Students


Chi-Yeh (Jay) Chung, PhD

Jay performed postdoctoral studies in Geoffrey Wahl’s laboratory at the Salk Institute where he studied mammary stem cell state regulation using bioinformatic and epigenetic approaches. Jay is now a Principal Scientist and Team Leader of Cancer Epigenetics group at Pfizer in San Diego.


David Valle-Garcia, PhD

David performed a postdoctoral fellowship in Yang Shi’s lab at Harvard Medical School where he studied mRNA modifications. He is now a Researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology at National Autonomous University of Mexico.



Zulekha Qadeer, PhD

Zulekha is a postdoctoral scholar in the William A. Weiss Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco.  Zulekha is investigating the mechanisms of known driving events to promote medulloblastoma utilizing a unique humanized model based on differentiation and transformation of human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Zulekha was supported by: Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program Horizon Award (2016-2017)


Saul Carcamo, PhD

During his PhD studies in the lab, Saul gained a passion for bioinformatic analyses focused on the epigenome. He is now a Bioinformatician at the Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing (BiNGS) core of the Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai: