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News coverage on the launch of HiberCell – the first cancer dormancy focused company:

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-6/16/18 – Nature magazine highlights our efforts and the AACR Cancer Dormancy and Minimal Residual Disease Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

-1/2/2018 On our latest paper on the role of macrophages in early dissemination and metastasis.

– 7/10/2017 – Aguirre-Ghiso lab quoted on new findings that chemotherapy could foster dissemination in breast cancer.

– 5/5/2017 – The Aguirre-Ghiso lab receives a new grant! Check out the press release. Researchers receive $2.9 million grant for breast cancer metastasis study.

– 5/4/17 Thrilled to co-chair the 1st @AACR meeting on Cancer Dormancy & Residual Disease! w Dorothy Sipkins Cyrus Ghajar & Christoph Klein.