VECToR Virus Discovery

Our research program includes as active virus discovery program in which we invite students of all ages to capture insects, perform next generation sequencing on their RNA, and search for undiscovered viruses by comparing the genetic information for specific features shared by viruses called the RNA dependent RNA polymerase (or RdRp for short).  We invite you to peruse some of our many newly found invertebrate viruses using the tabs below.  Thus far we have tested over 49 species of insects and identified 32 new viruses.

Jiminy Cricket Virus (found in Acheta domestica)

Jefferson Virus (found in Agrilus planipennis)

Thunder Virus (found in Formica ligniperda)

Brizz Virus (found in Komarekioma eatoni)

BugsBunny (found in Ixodes scapularis)

Stella Virus (found in Musca domestica)