Emily Hsieh

Emily grew up just outside of Seattle, WA and EmProfilePiccompleted her undergraduate studies in molecular, cellular, developmental biology and biochemistry at the University of Washington (UW). As an undergraduate student, Emily developed a great interest in evolutionary biology through her work in the labs of Dr. Harmit Malik and Dr. Benjamin Kerr. In the Kerr lab at the UW, she explored the genetic basis of thermostability in the RNA virus phi-6. In the Malik lab at the Fred Hutch, she sought to examine karyopherin evolution in Drosophila, the genetic basis of F1 hybrid incompatibility in Drosophila, and the role of gene duplication in the context of genome defense through characterization of Oxpecker.

After graduation, Emily spent a year traveling the world as an UW Bonderman Fellow. She then returned to the Malik lab as a technician for a year to begin a biochemical characterization of kinetochores in holocentric insects.

Derawan Island_Citra5In 2015, graduate school at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai convinced Emily to swap a tranquil landscape of mountains and trees for the glittering cityscape of NYC. Emily joined the lab of Dr. Benjamin tenOever as a PhD student in Summer 2016 and is a member of the Department of Microbiology. In the tenOever lab, she plans to continue to pursue her interest in evolutionary biology in a new framework – virology. Specifically, she is interested in studying the impact of antiviral defenses on viral evolution. Furthermore, she is also excited to explore the intersection of synthetic biology and virology with the use of self-replicating RNAs.
In her free time, Emily enjoys traveling, spending time in the outdoors, baking, and eating her way through NYC.

Contact: emily.hsieh@icahn.mssm.edu


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