Benjamin Nilsson

Benjamin Nilsson-Payant is a postdoctoral fellow in the tenOever lab working on the biology of the influenza A virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). His research focuses on elucidating the mechanisms of viral RNA genome replication and how the  viral nuclear export protein (NEP) and small viral RNA (svRNA) produced by the virus contribute to RdRp function.

Previous to his work in the tenOever lab, Benjamin completed his bachelor degree in Biology at Imperial College London before joining Ervin Fodor’s lab at the University of Oxford for his Ph.D. studies. For his thesis, he studied the virus-host interactions determining host specificity of the influenza A virus RdRp.







Nilsson-Payant, B.E., Sharps, J., Hengrung, N., and Fodor, E. (2018). The Surface-Exposed PA51-72-Loop of the Influenza A Virus Polymerase Is Required for Viral Genome Replication. Journal of Virology 92.

Hsia, H.P., Yang, Y.H., Szeto, W.C., Nilsson, B.E., Lo, C.Y., Ng, A.K.L., Fodor, E., and Shaw, P.C. (2018). Amino acid substitutions affecting aspartic acid 605 and valine 606 decrease the interaction strength between the influenza virus RNA polymerase PB2 “627” domain and the viral nucleoprotein. PLoS ONE 13, e0191226.

Nilsson, B.E., te Velthuis, A.J.W., and Fodor, E. (2017). Role of the PB2 627 Domain in Influenza A Virus Polymerase Function. Journal of Virology 91, e02467–16.