Asiel A. Benitez


Asiel A. Benitez:
Lab Member: 2011-2015
Thesis Title: Exploiting the mammalian microRNA machinery to study Influenza A virus biology  Thesis

Thapa, RJ., Ingram, JP., Ragan, KB., Nogusa, S., Boyd, DF., Benitez, AA., tenOever, BR., Thomas, PG., Upton, JW., and Balachandran, S.  DAI Senses Influenza A Virus Genomic RNA and Activates RIPK3-Dependent Cell Death.  Cell Host & Microbe  2016, In Press. PMID 27746097  Abstract

Benitez A.A., Spanko, L.A., Bouhaddou, M., Panis, M., Sachs, D. and B.R. tenOever. Engineered mammalian RNAi can elicit antiviral protection that negates the requirements for the interferon response. Cell Reports. 2015, Nov 17;13(7):1456-66. PMID: 26549455  Download

Benitez A.A., Panis, M., Xue, J., Varble, A., Shim, J.V., Frick, A.L., López, C.B., Sachs, D. and B.R. tenOever. In Vivo RNAi Screening Identifies MDA5 as a Significant Contributor to the Cellular Defense against Influenza A Virus. Cell Reports. 2015,11(11):1714-26. PMID 26074083 Download

Varble, A., Benitez, A., Schmid, S., Sachs, D., Shim, JV, Rodriguez-Barrueco, R., Panis, M., Crumiller, M., Silva, J., Sachidanandam, R. and B.R. tenOever. RNAi screening in vivo identifies critical components to the antiviral response. Cell Host & Microbe. 2013, 14, 346-356. PMID: 24034620 Download