2015 Publications

Aguado, L.C., Schmid, S., Sachs, D., Shim, J.V., Lim, J.K., and B.R. tenOever. microRNA function is limited to cytokine control in the acute response to virus. Cell Host & Microbe. 2015, 18, 714-722. PMID: 26651947  Download

Benitez A.A., Spanko, L.A., Bouhaddou, M., Panis, M., Sachs, D. and B.R. tenOever. Engineered mammalian RNAi can elicit antiviral protection that negates the requirements for the interferon response. Cell Reports. 2015, Nov 17;13(7):1456-66. PMID: 26549455  Download

Benitez A.A., Panis, M., Xue, J., Varble, A., Shim, J.V., Frick, A.L., López, C.B., Sachs, D. and B.R. tenOever. In Vivo RNAi Screening Identifies MDA5 as a Significant Contributor to the Cellular Defense against Influenza A Virus. Cell Reports. 2015,11(11):1714-26. PMID 26074083 Download