2014 Publications

Varble, A., Albrecht, R.A., Backes, S., Crumiller, M., Bouvier, N.M., Sachs, D. Garcia-Sastre, A., and B.R. tenOever. Influenza A Virus Transmission Bottlenecks Are Defined by Infection Route and Recipient Host. Cell Host & Microbe. 2014,16(5): 691-700 PMID 25356074 Download

Heaton, N.S., Langlois R., Sachs, D., Lim, J., Palese, P., and B.R. tenOever. Long-term survival of influenza virus infected club cells drives immunopathology. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2014, 211(9):1707-14 PMID 25135297  Download

Laurent-Rolle, M., Morrisone, J. Rajsbaum, R., Macleod, JL, Pisanelli, G., Miorin, L, Pham, A., Ayllon, J., tenOever, B.R. and A. Garcia-Sastre. Type I interferon activates the interferon signaling antagonist function of yellow fever virus NS5 protein. Cell Host & Microbe. 2014,16(3): 314-327 PMID 25211074  Download

Moy, R.H., Cole, B.S., Yasunaga, A., Gold, B., Shankarling, G., Varble, A., Molleston, J., tenOever, B.R., Lynch, K.W., Cherry, S. Stem loop recognition by DDX17 facilitates miRNA processing and antiviral defense. Cell. 2014 158(4):764-77 PMID 25126784 Download

Rajsbaum, R., Versteeg, G.A., Schmid, S., Maestre, A.M. Belicha-Villanueva, A., Martinez-Romero, C., Patel, J.A., Morrison, J., Pisanelli, G., Miorin, L., Laurent-Rolle, M.m Moulton, H.M., Stein, D.A., Fernandez-Sesma, A., tenOever, B.R., and A. Garcia-Sastre. Unanchored K48-linked poly-ubiquitin synthesized by the E3-ubiquitin ligase TRIM6 stimulates the interferon-IKKe kinase mediated antiviral response. Immunity. 2014 40(6):880-95 PMID: 24882218 Download

Backes, S., Langlois, R., Schmid, S., Varble, A, Shim, J.V., Sachs, D., and B.R. tenOever. The mammalian response to virus infection is independent of small RNA silencing. Cell Reports. 2014 (14)1-9 PMID: 249536 Download

Shapiro, J.S., Schmid, S., Aguado, L., Sabin, L.R., Cherry, S. and B.R. tenOever. Drosha is an interferon-independent antiviral factor. PNAS. 2014. 111(19): 7108-7113. PMID: 24778219 Download

Schmid, S. Zony, X., and B.R. tenOever. A versatile RNA vector for delivery of coding and non-coding RNAs. Journal of Virology. 2014, 88(4), 2333-6. PMID: 24307584 Download

Schmid, S. Sachs, D., and B.R. tenOever. MAP Kinase Mediated Licensing of Interferon Regulatory Factor 3/7 Reinforces the Cell Response to Virus. JBC. 2014, 3 (289): 299-311. PMID: 24275658 Download