2012 Publications

Perez, J.T., Zlatev, I., Aggarwal, S., Subramanian, S., Sachidanandam, R., Kim, B., Manoharan, M. and B.R. tenOever. A Small RNA Enhancer of Viral Polymerase Activity. Journal of Virology. 2012, Dec;86(24): 13475-85. PMID: 23035211  Download

Backes, S., Shapiro, J.S., Sabin, L.R., Pham, A.M. Reyes, I., Moss, B., Cherry*, S. and B.R. tenOever*. Degradation of host microRNAs by a viral poly(A) polymerase reveals terminal 2’-O-methylation as a protective anti-viral mechanism. Cell Host and Microbe. 2012, Aug;12(2): 200-210. PMID: 22901540  Download

Langlois, R.A., Varble, A., Chua, M.A., García-Sastre, A. and B. R. tenOever. Hematopoietic-specific targeting of influenza A virus reveals replication requirements for induction of antiviral immune response. PNAS. 2012, Jul;109(30): 1338-46. PMID: 22778433  Download

Shapiro, J.S., Langlois, R.A., Pham, A.M. and B. R. tenOever. Evidence for a cytoplasmic microprocessor of pri-miRNAs. RNA. 2012, Jul;18(7): 1338-46. PMID: 22635403  Download

Pham, A.M., Langlois, R.A. and B. R. tenOever. Replication in cells of hematopoietic origin is necessary for dengue virus dissemination. PLoS Path. 2012, Jan;8(1). PMID: 22241991 Download