2010 Publications

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Varble, A., M. A. Chua, J. T. Perez, B. Manicassamy, A. García-Sastre, and B. R. tenOever. Engineered RNA viral synthesis of microRNAs. PNAS. 2010, 107(25):11519-24. PMID: 20534531  Download

Shapiro, J.S., A. Varble, and B. R. tenOever. Noncanonical cytoplasmic processing of viral microRNAs. RNA. 2010, 16: 2068-74. PMID: 20841420  Download

Perez, J. T., A. Varble, R. Sachidanandam, I. Zlatev, M. Manoharan, A. García-Sastre, and B. R. tenOever. Influenza A Virus-Generated Small RNAs Regulate the Switch from Transcription to Replication. PNAS. 2010, 107(25):11525-30. PMID: 20534471  Download