Industry Funded Clinical Trial Agreements and FACTS

FACTS (Financial Administration of Clinical Trials Services) was created as part of the Research Re-Engineering Program to offer investigators and research personnel centralized and comprehensive services for industry clinical trials. As of January 1st 2015, the FACTS Office has launched a new initiative in which all industry funded Clinical Trial Agreements and Confidential Disclosure Agreements will be reviewed and negotiated by the FACTS Office team instead of the GCO team. This change is being implemented to improve investigator satisfaction and the management of industry clinical trial agreements. It is geared toward making the administrative requirement for starting research more efficient. It will enable us to better serve the faculty engaged in industry clinical trials.

On the contracts negotiation side, we have added two-full time Senior Contract Specialists to the FACTS team.

Mary-Jo Wesley
Mary-Jo has over 20 years of Research Administration experience with an extensive background in negotiating and managing Clinical Trial Agreements. Prior to working at the Icahn School of Medicine, she came from Yale University as the Administrative and Outreach Lead of the Corporate and Complex Contracts Group.

Sandra Londono
Sandra Londono has 15 years of experience in the areas of transactional and contract law, risk assessment and mitigation, and project management spanning a wide range of industries and activities.  Sandra has Certificates in Healthcare Compliance and Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Compliance Law.

Please send all industry funded clinical trial agreements and Confidential Disclosure Agreements to You can visit the FACTS website at