InfoEd Instructions For Submissions Started Prior to Upgrade

The Grants and Contracts Office conducted a major upgrade of InfoEd on Friday, November 17, 2017, and it may have affected some users’ submissions. Researchers may need to take additional steps to ensure that their submissions are properly completed.

If you started your project in InfoEd prior to the upgrade, which began at 5 pm of 11/17, and it has not already been received by the GCO, please be aware that finalizing, routing and sign off may be impaired since the old template will not convert to the new template properly without a manual intervention.  Below are the steps to fix it:

  1. Go into the Setup Questions > Please select a Submission Mechanism/Screen Template.  In this drop down, select any choice.  Then re-select yours. This refreshes the program and creates the correct InfoEd application.
  2. You must re-upload your Lay Summary, Research Plan, Progress Report, and/or Final Report in the appropriate tabs.
  3. You should now see the eForm as a stand alone tab.  If it’s new, the eForm is called “New/Competitive Renewals/…”.  For other projects, it is called “Non-Competi Cont/Supplement…”
  4. On the eForm, please answer q. 16 re: location again.

Technical support for InfoEd applications is available by opening a Ticket with Research IT.