InfoEd Upgrade Prompts GCO Advice to Research Community

Some of us may strive to be like a robot achieving our goals in the most efficient and systematic way possible. Others may resemble this robot before drinking their morning coffee. Wherever we may fall in this inner and outer robotic spectrum, please be aware that with the new version of InfoEd that went live on Tuesday, November 21, adjustments need to be made in our inner auto-robotic settings as some of the InfoEd fields and tabs have changed. You may also be pleasantly surprised with InfoEd’s enhanced functionality in the budget section.

The below highlights significant changes and increased functionality. In addition, Research Information Technology posted a slide set with screenshots and a corresponding podcast. They plan on updating training material as needed, so please do check back on the Research IT InfoEd Instructions web page for the latest updates.

  • Initial Set Up Tab: “Step 3 Selecting a Sponsor”
    Removal of sponsor drop down menu and “Preferred” box with simple typing data entry box.
  • Tabs that Remain the Same or Little Change
    • Brief Lay Summary
    • Research or Program Plan and Progress Report Tabs
    • Classification Codes
    • Finalize
  • Tabs that Are Different
    • Set Up
    • Personnel
    • Budget
    • Internal Documents: Location of the “eForm” Moved to a Stand Alone Tab
  • Personnel Tab: When Adding Personnel, the Default is Key Personnel
    Please be sure to change the default in the provided drop down menu if you are adding someone other than key personnel.
  • Subawards Are Added Differently
  • Budget Tabs: Option to Enter Entire Budget onto the Main Budget Tab or into Individual Tabs by Period
  • Budget Tab > Personnel: Defaults to “Person Months” Rather Than “% Effort”
    You can change the default to “% effort” if you wish.
  • Budget Tab > Personnel > Fringe Benefits: Option to Use Sinai’s Rates or Manually Data Enter the Amount
  • Budget Tab: Entry of $ Amounts in Y1 in “Personnel” and “Non-Personnel” sections -Automatically Adds the Same Costs to Future Years if Future Years are Included.
    Easy to remove or change the costs if needed.
  • Modular Budget Tab – Defaults to Increments of 10, that is 10 Modules x $25,000 = $250,000
    If your modular budget is not a request for $250,000 in direct costs per year, please do change to the appropriate number of modules.

Please open a Ticket with Research IT if you need technical assistance with your proposal.