Less InfoEd Data Entry – Elimination of Requirement to Enter Non-Key Personnel on Select Submission Types

Effective August 18, 2017, if researchers are submitting an InfoEd proposal for which the budget tab is not required, they no longer need to data enter non-key personnel in the InfoEd Personnel tab.

Below are project types that do not require a budget tab:

  • ISMMS funded
  • Projects in which the extramural funding agency provides funding by per subject payments (e.g.,  Pharmaceutical sponsored multi center clinical trial, NIH CALGB protocol)
  • No cost extensions

Examples of typical non-key personnel positions are research coordinators, research assistants and technicians.  Please review GCO’s Glossary of Common Terms for  additional information.

Also, please be aware that this policy change is for GCO InfoEd submissions only.  This policy neither applies to documentation submitted to PPHS or IACUC nor personnel data entry on Sinai Central, Ideate, or any other software system. Please contact the GCO at grants@mssm.edu, if you have questions about this change.