New Email Management System: Research Listserv!

On Wednesday, March 1st, the Office of Research Services and the Research Information Technology Department announced the launch of the new Research Listserv for research related mailings throughout the Mount Sinai Health System.

The Research Listserv is a single source of dissemination of research related information to the Mount Sinai Health System. It will replace the current communication process of distribution through 3 separate, and sometimes redundant, lists:

  • CRC List (
  • Research Faculty (
  • Research Resources (

These 3 email addresses have now been retired, and all research-related mass emails are sent from “”

Q: How do you subscribe to ensure that you continue to receive research mailings?
You can go to the “Getting Started” page on the Research Portal and enter your email address into the Research Listserv box, where you can edit your account at any time (within the MSHS firewall).
A: Please note:
You might have already been subscribed because:

  • You were already subscribed to any or all of these 3 lists: CRC List, Research Faculty and Research Resources and more recently to the Ideate listserv, and you were automatically migrated to the new Research Listserv.
  • If you were not subscribed to one of the above 3 listservs, you may have been added to the new Research Listserv by your Department Administrator because you were identified as research personnel.

Q: What if I need to add new subscribers?
If you want to let someone know how to subscribe themselves, direct them to the “Getting Started” page on the Research Portal. Find the Research Listserv box and enter their email address. They will receive a confirmation email.

Q: What is different?
The Research Listserv provides:

  1. Management of email preferences. You can now choose the research topics that are relevant to your research focus and opt-out of topics that are not relevant to you.
  2. Elimination of duplicate emails – NOTE: For those of you who have, & addresses, if you enter more than one email address, you will continue to receive duplicate emails. If you notice that you are receiving duplicate identical emails, it is most likely because you have two different email addresses in the system. Please email, and we will work with you to manage your preferences.
  3. Mandatory emails:  regardless of your email preferences, vital research related emails from MSHS leadership will reach the entire subscribed population.

What you should do:
Review your current email preferences and finalize your selections by entering your email address in the box under “Research Listserv” on the “Getting Started” page of the Research Portal. You can return to this portal at any time to edit your subscriptions as long as you are within the institutional firewall.

Please note that this new system is no longer categorized by group i.e., CRCs, Research Faculty, but rather by topic. For example, if you are a clinical research coordinator (CRC), you will need to select topics in the “Grants Submission & Management” category on the subscription page to receive messages from the Grants and Contracts Office.

Please feel free to contact the Research Listserv team at, if you have any questions or other feedback.