Department of Corporate and Foundation Relations Announces Funding Opportunities

The Department of Corporate and Foundation Relations of the Mount Sinai Development Office provides this curated list of funding opportunities to find faculty who may be interested and to provide assistance with the application process. Please see below for some of their upcoming deadlines, and contact them at, if you would like to find out more.

Melanoma Research Foundation:
The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is committed to advancing research across the spectrum of melanoma – from prevention through diagnosis, staging and treatment. The MRF proactively partners with the NCI, Congress, the Department of Defense and other foundations to develop and collaborate on a broad agenda for melanoma research that takes full advantage of all opportunities, while also sharing challenges. Since 1998, the MRF has funded over 130 innovative, high impact, basic, translational and clinical research projects. Further, in 2016, the MRF awarded over $1.2 million dollars in new melanoma research.

  • Established Investigator Awards: up to $100K/year for two years
  • Career Development Awards: up to $50K/year for two years
  • The deadline for applications is March 1, 2017 at 5 pm ET.
  • Please see website for additional details and eligibility information.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine:
The primary purpose of the ASRM and SREI Research Grant Programs is to provide funds for new investigators to establish independent research programs. New investigators are those who have completed their training within the past three years and have independent faculty appointments at the commencement of the research. In special cases applications for bridge funding (i.e., between grant funding periods) for projects that are of benefit to other members of the Society, or for funding of new, highly innovative research projects by established investigators will be considered.

  • Grants in amounts of $10K to $50K will be considered on an annual basis; a total of $200K is available for 2017. The SREI Board will fund one grant of up to $40K.
  • Funds are available for project expenses, technical assistance, patient expenses, research supplies and durable laboratory equipment.
  • Up to ten percent (10%) of funds may be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead in circumstances deemed to be rare and extraordinary that are explained to the Research Committee.
  • Research grant funds may be expended over a 2-year time interval.
  • Please see website for eligibility information.

Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program:
The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, formerly known as the Minority Medical Faculty Development Program, was created to increase the number of faculty from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who can achieve senior rank in academic medicine, dentistry, or nursing and who will encourage and foster the development of succeeding classes of such physicians, dentists, and nurse-scientists.

  • The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program supports basic/biomedical, clinical, dental, nursing, and health services/epidemiology research.  The purpose of the AMFDP award is to facilitate the transition of the newly-trained clinician who wishes to develop into an independent investigator.
  • The Award includes an annual $75K stipend + $30K for research support/year, for four years (up to $420K total).
  • The deadline for submission is March 15, 2017, 3pm EST for the online portion and March 16, 2017 for the postmark of the hard copy.