GCO Helpful Hints – Travel Haiku to Ponder

Suitcase with Map_smFrom the Desk of Allison Gottlieb, Director of Sponsored Programs Education:

Traveling by way of airplane is often a time with many hours sitting around to wax pensive on the grandeur of the universe in all its complexity or the karmic force that put you next to the hyper-active hysterical child.

Keeping this in mind brings me to my next thought and that is about, yes. Haiku (plural). My first foray into the venerable language art form of haiku was in 4th grade starring my pet Gerbil Jerry, may he rest in peace.

Jerry the Gerbil
Lives in a small dirty cage
He gnaws newspaper

Post elementary school and many years of gainful employment at Mount Sinai is my next foray into haiku where a reader can plumb the depths of travel policy vis-à-vis grants.  Here are a few poetic lines to keep in mind before taking that trip by plane, boat, subway, taxi, rental car or sneakers* funded by your sponsored project.

Haiku 1. All Travel

Travel on a Grant
To get reimbursed, must have
Prior Approval

Haiku 2. International Travel on NIH Grants

Prior Approval
International Travel
GCO approves.

Haiku 3. International Travel on NIH Grants – A Point of Confusion Clarified

Part 1

Traveler on a Grant
But nowhere found on budget
GCO questions –

Part 2

The PI answers –
Traveler added in mid-year
Can we charge grant fund?

Part 3

GCO responds –
Yes, do add a comment in
Sinai Central please.

Haiku 4.  Creative Space for Reader to Add His/Her Own

[intentionally left blank]



Haiku 5, 6, 7 and 8    Reasons Travel Requests Frequently Get Rejected/Delayed

For those inspired to create travel haiku but in need of more structured topics –

  1. Not booking a Fly America Act compliant airline; more info in link in Haiku 1 above.
  1. Not an obvious or well explained relationship between the trip and the scope of work of the project; see link in Haiku 2 above.
  1. Referencing foreign collaborators in the justification for the trip, but having no foreign involvement as per the grant submission.
  1. Check Google Maps Prior to Submitting International Travel Request (and Going on Your Trip) – New Mexico, Babylon, and Toledo Might Actually Be in the USA

[intentionally left blank]


*list is not all inclusive