Joint ISMMS-RPI Oncology Projects Request for Proposals Released – Deadline 12/15/16

The academic affiliation between the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) fosters educational and research collaborations and stimulates the development of new technologies to radically improve the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

The ISMMS-RPI Steering Committee has issued a request for proposals for collaborative projects in the area of oncology. This RFP builds on themes (listed below) developed during the recent symposium “New Connections in Cancer Research: Bridging Basic Science, Clinical Science, Engineering and New Technologies.” Other topics related to cancer may also be proposed.

Imaging, mechanical and biophysical approaches

  • Effects of mechanical and physical forces on tumor growth and metastasis
  • Biochemical and biophysical makeup of the tumor microenvironment: implications for cancer progression and therapy
  • Development of analytic tools to monitor cell populations and individual cells in vitro and in vivo
  • Development or refinement of advanced imaging methods for cancer detection and monitoring

Systematic identification of personalized cancer therapies

  • Cost-effective target/drug discovery platforms
  • Development/implementation of personalized immunotherapeutic approaches
  • Optimization of individualized chemotherapy regimen (combination, order, dose, schedule,…)
  • Strategies/tools for clinical testing of experimental personalized therapies
  • Strategies for managing and reducing treatment side effects

Systematic identification of cancer biomarkers

  • Prediction of tumor progression (e.g., survival rather than objective response)
  • Improved prediction of immunotherapy/drug response

Proposals should be submitted with the expectation that data generated will lead to submission(s) for extramural funding from the NIH and/or other external funding sources. If possible, the intended extramural grant program should be specified.

Applications should include at least one investigator each from ISMMS and RPI. All investigators with full-time academic appointments within the Mount Sinai Health System and at Rensselaer are invited to apply. Applications from participants of the recent Cancer symposium at Mount Sinai are particularly encouraged to form teams that can respond to this RFP.

The ISMMS-RPI Steering Committee will review the seed grant proposals and funding will commence in January 2017.

For further details, interested researchers can click here for the Request for Proposals.

Please contact Louise Lammers or Jack Huang with any questions.