IDEATE Electronic Submissions System for Human Subjects Research Rollout Plan Announced

After more than a year of analysis, research, and planning, the Program for the Protection of Human Subjects (PPHS), in cooperation with Research Information Technology (IT) and the Research Administration Reengineering Program, began implementation of a new electronic submission process for human subject protocols using a software program called Ideate, which will ultimately replace current research submission processes, including InfoEd. Currently, only the IACUC office uses Ideate for reviewing and approving protocols, but eventually all of the research administration offices (including PPHS) will use it and review a single application. Ideate has been customized for the School’s research administrative offices to be an integrated, user-friendly online form that will significantly improve the protocol submission process for investigators and research personnel.

Research Information Technology plans to roll out this exciting system gradually to ensure the system has adequate performance and functionality for every department. It is being implemented in stages for human subject protocols according to this schedule, which was distributed to the research community in May. Exempt applications began migrating to Ideate, effective May 1, 2015, and their migration will be completed by early June 2015. Expedited projects will be submitted through Ideate by August 2015. Finally, Full Board projects will be the last stage of the Ideate rollout for human subjects research, with an anticipated completion in November 2015.

Research personnel and investigators should refer to the Rollout Schedule for their departments’ listings and plan accordingly based on the kind of project they and their research staff will be submitting. The PPHS and Research IT are committed to working closely with research teams, department by department, to provide additional details and assistance as their rollout dates approach.

The PPHS team encourages your feedback over the next several months, as they make this system robust and fix the emerging issues, and thank you in advance for your support during the rollout process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PPHS office at or call (212) 824-8200.