Diane Damez-werno and Richard O’Connor receive Mentor Recognition from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Center for Excellence in Youth Education which houses the Lloyd Sherman Scholars Program for their mentorship of Myles Campbell and Ibirayo Otusile (August 2016).

Richard and Diane Mentor Recognition Myles & Ibirayo acknowledging their mentors, Dr. Diane Damez-Werno & Dr. Richard O'Connor


Richard O’Connor presents at the Cells & Circuits Works in Progress (August 2015):

Richard WIP

Edward Colombo presents his research poster, along with Zuxin Chen, at the 2015 SBCNY Summer Undergraduate Program:

Watch Paul Kenny and the Kenny Lab:  The Friedman Brain Institute: Conquering Brain Disease

The Kenny Lab, photos by David Burnett:

Friedman Brain Institute including Paul Kenny, Diane Damez-Werno, Ashley Lepack and Zuxin Chen from the Kenny Lab.


Zuxin Chen presenting his poster at the 7th Annual Neuroscience Retreat at The New York Academy of Medicine.


Kenny Lab participating in the Summer Hat Party sponsored by the Friedman Brain Institute and Neuroscience Department at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Photo by Emrick Elias:

Research in the Kenny Lab, photos by Cathy Clarke:



The Kenny Lab at The Scripps Research Institute

Lab Scripps2