Raquel Munoz-Moreno, Ph.D.






Diagram of the modified NS segment with the barcode tag downstream of NS1, which will be used in this project.


Research Interests
My work is focused on the adaptation of the influenza A virus NS1 protein to the host. A collection of NS1 proteins was selected based on different structural and functional sequence feature variant types (SFVT), thus creating a library that contained a representative variants of the NS1 proteins found in nature. A library of 120 recombinant viruses was constructed by using a split NS segment that contained a neutral barcode of 22 nt. This barcode can be used as a tag to label each of the recombinant viruses of the library so they can be quantified using the Illumina deep-sequencing platform. This approach will help further uncover new information regarding the role of NS1 in the different stages of the influenza A viral cycle.

Notable Publications
Kuss-Duerkop, S. K., Wang, J., Mena, I., White, K., Metreveli, G., Sakthivel, R., Mata, M. A., Muñoz-Moreno R, Fontoura, B. M. A. (January 01, 2017). Influenza virus differentially activates mTORC1 and mTORC2 signaling to maximize late stage replication. Plos Pathogens, 13, 9.

Mor, A., A. White, K. Zhang, M. Thompson, M. Esparza, R. Muñoz-Moreno, K. Koide, K.W. Lynch, A. García-Sastre, and B.M. Fontoura. 2016. Influenza virus mRNA trafficking through host nuclear speckles. Nat. Microbiol. 1:16069.

Muñoz-Moreno, R., Cuesta-Geijo, M. A., Martínez-Romero, C., Barrado-Gil, L., Galindo, I., García-Sastre, A., & Alonso, C. (January 01, 2016). Antiviral Role of IFITM Proteins in African Swine Fever Virus Infection. Plos One, 11, 4.

Muñoz-Moreno, R., Barrado-Gil, L., Galindo, I., & Alonso, C. (January 01, 2015). Analysis of HDAC6 and BAG3-aggresome pathways in African swine fever viral factory formation. Viruses, 7, 4, 1823-31.

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