Mindaugas Juozapaitis, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow







Research Interests
Packaging of the eight genomic RNA segments of influenza A viruses into viral particles is coordinated by segment-specific packaging sequences. However, how the packaging signals regulate the specific incorporation of each RNA segment into virions and whether other viral or host factors are involved in this process is largely unknown. I am currently focused on developing a new system for studying the genome packaging of influenza A viruses.

The Mx dynamin-like GTPases are key antiviral effector proteins of interferon (IFN) system. They inhibit several viruses by blocking different steps of the viral replication cycle. My work aims to identify cellular factors influencing or modulating antiviral function of Mx proteins, define molecular mechanisms by which Mx proteins inhibit sensitive viruses, investigate whether identified polymorphisms of human Mx proteins correlate with disease outcome. In order to achieve these objectives, I am currently constructing an mRNA barcoded lentivirus-based expression library composed of various MxA proteins.


Notable Publications
Étori Aguiar Moreira, Anna Weber, Hardin Bolte, Larissa Kolesnikova, Sebastian Giese, Seema Lakdawala, Martin Beer, Gert Zimmer, Adolfo García-Sastre, Martin Schwemmle, Mindaugas Juozapaitis: A conserved influenza A virus nucleoprotein code controls specific viral genome packaging. Nature Communications 09/2016; 7:12861., DOI:10.1038/ncomms12861

Hannah L. Turkington, Mindaugas Juozapaitis, Philip S. Kerry, Teresa Aydillo, Juan Ayllon, Adolfo García-Sastre, Martin Schwemmle, Benjamin G. Hale: Novel Bat Influenza Virus NS1 Proteins Bind Double-Stranded RNA and Antagonize Host Innate Immunity. Journal of Virology 08/2015; 89(20):JVI.01430-15., DOI:10.1128/JVI.01430-15

Mindaugas Juozapaitis, Etori Aguiar Moreira, Ignacio Mena, Sebastian Giese, David Riegger, Anne Pohlmann, Dirk Höper, Gert Zimmer, Martin Beer, Adolfo García-Sastre, Martin Schwemmle: An infectious bat-derived chimeric influenza virus harbouring the entry machinery of an influenza A virus. Nature Communications 07/2014; 5:4448., DOI:10.1038/ncomms5448

Kerstin Wunderlich, Mindaugas Juozapaitis, Charlene Ranadheera, Ulrich Kessler, Arnold Martin, Jessica Eisel, Ulrike Beutling, Ronald Frank, Martin Schwemmle: Identification of High-Affinity PB1-Derived Peptides with Enhanced Affinity to the PA Protein of Influenza A Virus Polymerase. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 02/2011; 55(2):696-702., DOI:10.1128/AAC.01419-10

Kerstin Wunderlich, Mindaugas Juozapaitis, Benjamin Mänz, Daniel Mayer, Veronika Götz, Andrea Zöhner, Thorsten Wolff, Martin Schwemmle, Arnold Martin: Limited Compatibility of Polymerase Subunit Interactions in Influenza A and B Viruses. Journal of Biological Chemistry 04/2010; 285(22):16704-12., DOI:10.1074/jbc.M110.102533