Angela Choi

Graduate Student






Research Interests
My research focuses on how pre-existing immunity to influenza modulates virus-host interactions in the antigen-experienced host. Specifically, I try to dissect the different aspects of both the innate and adaptive branch of the host immune response to vaccination and repeated influenza virus infections, and how these parameters contribute to long-lasting protection. Ultimately, insights gained from my research will translate in development of new and optimization of existing adjuvants and vaccine approaches against influenza.

Notable Publications
Jacobsen, M. Rajendran, A. Choi, H. Sjursen, K. A. Brokstad, R. J. Cox, P. Palese, F. Krammer, R. Nachbagauer: Influenza hemagglutinin stalk-specifc antibodies in human sera correlate with in vivo activity in a serum transfer mouse challenge model: A surrogate marker for protection. Mbio. (2017). (accepted)

R. Nachbagauer, W. Liu, A. Choi, T.J. Wohlbold, T. Atlas, M. Rajendran, A. Solórzano, F. Berlanda-Scorza, A. García-Sastre, P. Palese, R.A. Albrect and F. Krammer: A universal influenza virus vaccine candidate confers protection against pandemic H1N1 infection in preclinical ferret studies. npj Vaccines. 2. (2017).

R. Nachbagauer, A. Choi, A. Hirsh, I. Margine, S. Iida, A. Barrera, M. Ferres, R. Albrecht, A. García-Sastre, N. M. Bouvier, K. Ito, R. Medina, P. Palese and F. Krammer: Defining the antibody cross-reactome directed against the influenza virus surface glycoproteins. Nature Immunology. 18. (2017)

R. Nachbagauer, D. Kinzler, A. Choi, E. R. Bequieu, A. Hirsh, B. L. Innis, P. Palese, C. P. Mallett and F. Krammer: Chimeric hemagglutinin-based influenza virus split vaccine adjuvanted with AS03 induces protective stalk-reactive antibodies in mice. npj Vaccines. 1. (2016)

R. Nachbagauer*, A. Choi*, R. Izikson, M. M. Cox, P. Palese, and F. Krammer: Age dependence and isotype specificity of influenza virus hemagglutinin stalk-reactive antibodies in humans. MBio. 7. (2016). *R.N and A.C. contributed equally