Shared Equipment

Our shared equipment are open to our internal and external users.

For training and access please contact Sunita D’Souza ( or Iraz Aydin (

The following equipment can be reserved on our iLabs site:

Axion Maestro

The Maestro microelectrode array (MEA) platform is the state-of-the-art in MEA technology. Designed to be easily accessible yet powerful, the Maestro opens new avenues to interrogate cellular function. The Maestro combines real-time, noninvasive electrical measurements with full benchtop environmental control and a multi-well format to measure cellular networks in their native state.

LightCycler 480 Real-Time PCR

The LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System is a novel high-throughput, microwell plate-based cycler platform. The compact yet versatile benchtop instrument provides an ideal combination of speed, accuracy and versatility.

Leica DMI 4000 B

The Leica DMI4000 B automated inverted research microscope is ideal for scanning cell and tissue cultures. The system features a fluorescence axis for ultra brilliant fluorescence imaging. The internal filter wheel with motorized excitation manager and FIM (Fluorescence Intensity Manager) enables excitation of fluorochromes in less than 20 milliseconds. FIM regulates light intensity at five fixed levels and remembers the setting for each filter cube.

Cellometer K2 Image Cytometer

The K2 is a PC-based cell imager for automated 4x bright field and dual-channel fluorescent image capture and analysis. The K2 accurately performs cell count, size, viability, intensity, and population analysis and achieves count and viability measurements 10x faster than manual methods. This instrument is ideal for cells lines and primary cells in complex samples characterized by heavy debris, red blood cell contamination, low cell concentrations, and multiple cell types, including PBMCs, stem cells, cancer cells, splenocytes, hepatocytes, and whole blood. In addition, the K2 can easily perform cell-based assays such as Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, and GFP analysis.

All users of the cellometer cell counter need to purchase their own slides and AOPI staining solution:SD100 Slides (2 counting chambers per slide): SD100 slides are standard slide thickness, for cells ranging from 2 to 80µm in diameter. Each slide has protective film on both sides that must be removed before use. The SD100 slides are a cost-effective alternative to the ready-to-use PD100 slides.

Fluidigm C1

The innovative C1 system carefully isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in the exclusive Fluidigm integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). The optically clear IFC lets you automatically stain captured cells and examine them by microscopy for viability, surface markers or reporter genes. After staining, cells are automatically lysed and template is quickly prepared for qPCR or sequencing analysis—all in as little as four hours.