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Reagent Preparation

The following are basic recipes for commonly used reagents when working with pluripotent stem cells. Like always, please email us with any clarifications needed.

  1. mESC Media Preparation
  2. Serum Based Differentiation Media Constituents
  3. Human Embryonic Stem Cell Media
  4. Extra Cellular Matrix
  5. Dissociation Reagents
  6. Cytokine Preparation

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Protocols: 

  1. Generation of p0 MEFs
  2. Thawing Feeders
  3. MEF Expansion

Basic Pluripotent Stem Cell Protocols:

  1. Procedure to Thaw PSCs Into Feeder Free Conditions
  2. Procedure to Thaw PSCs Onto Feeders
  3. Feeder-Feeder-Free Passaging of PSCs
  4. Freezing PSCs

In collaboration with other Stem Cell Cores and Labs we have put together protocols for culturing and differentiating stem cells. These protocols are available at  Stem Book