Welcome to the Akar Laboratory




The mission of the Akar Cardiac Bioelectricity Research laboratory is to uncover the mechanisms underlying sudden cardiac death across a variety of clinically relevant structural heart diseases. We specialize in developing integrative tools that allow us to undertake a systems biology approach to the investigation of arrhythmia mechanisms and to test novel treatment strategies.

We specialize in the use of integrative methodologies for the investigation of electrical disorders, including state-of-the-art imaging technologies for the assessment of electrical heterogeneities across the heart. A major focus of our work is the investigation of abnormalities in impulse formation, conduction, and repolarization using high-resolution optical mapping, and the elucidation of underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms, using electrophysiological, biochemical, and molecular techniques. Specific areas of active research include mechanisms of mechano-electrical feedback, the electrophysiology of mechanical dyssynchrony and resynchronization therapy in canine and porcine models of heart failure, the interaction of myocardial energetics and electrical function in post-ischemic remodeling and reperfusion related arrhythmias, and the role of altered gene expression and targeted gene delivery on ion channel function and arrhythmogenesis in cardiovascular diseases. Read more.